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Introducing: Maic Fankhauser, Product Designer

Our team members make Orderfox a special, vibrant company. While having different backgrounds and personalities, every colleague has a passion for their field of work and our collective mission. This month, we talk to Product designer Maic Fankhauser

Tell us a little bit about what you do here at Orderfox:

As a product designer at Orderfox, I'm defining the product specifications by translating the requirements into practical product features, serving our users the best possible user experience and interface while keeping the costs for the company as low as possible. Essentially, it's about understanding the needs and problems of internal and external stakeholders through research and conversations, and translating them into a solution (as part of the product). This path leads from sketches and wireframes to functional prototypes and the final implementation as artefacts of a design process, which almost all are tested and/or iterated at some point.

How long have you worked for Ordefox?

I started working for Orderfox back in November 2017 - so close to 5 years now...

What’s your favourite part about working for Orderfox?

Orderfox means uniqueness for me. B2B oriented products are often more challenging than B2C, but the unique needs of the industry and the platform present you with exciting challenges every day. Whether it's a complex process or a meaningful and intuitive visual representation of large amounts of data.

If you could some up the culture at Orderfox into 3 words what would they be?

Collaborative, Flexible, Creative.

What are you most excited about for Orderfox in 2022?

I am looking forward to seeing the impact of the recent changes in the business model and the simplification of various processes resulting from transparency towards our customers.

What do you like to do in your spare time? What hobbies do you have?

Apart from my beloved family, my wife and our 2 sons (1.5 and 3 years old) who make up a large part of my free time, I have stuck to my sporting and social hobby, gymnastics, for almost 25 years which fills my agenda for at least 2 evenings a week. Apart from that, I'm in love with relaxed cooking, some more challenging but also simple dishes on the weekend.

What’s your favourite movie?

If I have to, "Blood Diamond" by Christoph Petersen, would come to my mind fairly easily.

What’s your favourite food?

That's a hard one - I love the variety of different culinary cultures, which I was able to experience thanks to my travel-loving parents.

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