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PartfoxTM matches you with the most competent CNC partner worldwide - and in real time! Our AI recognizes, analyzes, and calculates parts using technical drawings & 3D files. Simply the best search engine of the CNC-industry: Drag & drop or enter a keyword to find your CNC partner!

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This is how PartfoxTM revolutionizes your purchasing


Disruptive and easy

Upload your files - Our AI does the heavy lifting for you

PartfoxTM AI has the unique ability to uncover the specifics of your CNC parts and instantly present you the perfect manufacturing partner by leveraging their machining capabilities and history of similar parts. Free to use, PartfoxTM helps you refine your search to fit your requirements such as country, certifications, materials, or quantities. You are then seconds from your next CNC partner!


Find your contract manufacturer

Everything happens in real-time!

PartfoxTM only presents matching CNC companies that are well-founded with technical competences, experiences and precise know-how! With thousands of international manufacturers, we are the biggest CNC platform in the world!


Precise and dynamic

Simplify your operating model

Our engaged community grows rapidly! Join thousands of other international buyers and let PartfoxTM challenge your status quo. Use our tool to be agile in scaling up your supply chain while you tackle your sourcing challenges. Get your CNC partners in a reliable, precise, and dynamic way with Orderfox!

Disruptive, intelligent, faster:

Orderfox innovates the future of procurement!

Manufacturing network powered by AI
PartfoxTM anonymously compares your parts with thousands of similar files and precisely matches them within the largest open network of CNC machines and companies.

Your Data is safe with us
Data privacy is paramount in today's business. As a company based in Switzerland, we promise the highest standards for data protection and IT security. All uploads are encrypted, strictly confidential and accessible only via cryptographically signed secure URLs.

Tap into the world’s largest manufacturer database
Have the manufacturing world at your fingertips, with detailed machine data, defined manufacturing capabilities and relevant company details. Define your part by 3D file or keyword search and our AI find you the right partners.

Transparent ratings and reviews reduce risks
Transparency allows better decisions: thanks to public ratings and reviews by other buyers, PartfoxTM significantly reduces your risk of choosing the wrong partner. Use the wisdom of the market to gain insights on the quality and reliability of your current and future suppliers.

Time is Money
Unlike with our competitors, you don’t need to fill in the template yourself. PartfoxTM does everything for you – required manufacturing techniques, tolerances, materials, dimensions - extracted directly from your plans. Use our algorithms as your technical staff.


by purchasing leaders of Europe’s most influential Companies

Bosch, Brückner Group, ELIN MOTOREN, EMAG Automation GmbH, ENGEL, ETH Zürich, GEMÜ,HARTING AG, HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH, Hilti AG, Kaeser Kompressoren, MAN, MAN Energy Solutions SE, ProMinent GmbH, RAMPF, Voestalpine, Voith, Wacker Neuson Group, maxon motor, tarrag

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Orderfox Schweiz AG 2023: one team member for the metal CNC industry, our male expert based in Zurich Switzerland helps you out!

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Who we are

Orderfox is the number one digital platform for buyers and manufacturers in the CNC industry. We build true partnerships with customers who want a strategic road map for procurement based on concrete data powered by AI. As a Zurich-based tech company we combine Swiss precision, technological expertise and innovative tools to bring you a revolutionary procurement product unlike any you’ve seen before. The next generation search. We map and connect the entire manufacturing industry through AI, making supply chain instabilities a complication of the past.

Orderfox schweiz AG 2023: team meeting via computer to discuss global metal CNC platform

The next generation search. We map and connect the entire manufacturing industry through AI, making supply chain instabilities a complication of the past.

We believe in rigorous, timely and accurate data. Our strength consists of the combination of our exponential database together with the intelligence we collect, structure, verify and share every second of the day.

We never settle. Being dynamic motivates action: to take risks, encourage curiosity and new ideas, learn from mistakes and constantly strive to exceed expectations. We never back down.

Technology driven
We value innovation, intelligence and inventiveness. Providing continual technology releases and new initiatives gives our customers a long lasting competitive advantage.

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