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To succeed in the fast-paced CNC manufacturing industry, companies need to find a competitive advantage. Huge amounts of time are spent on the procurement process, and finding the right production partners. ORDERFOX.com allows companies to easily create RFQs, search for orders and establish important industry contacts.


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Do you need CNC capacity on short notice? On ORDERFOX.com Buyers can easily create unlimited RFQs, find available CNC capacity and have direct contact with the right production partners. Additional benefits:

Simple Order Management System

Immediate access to available CNC capacity

Efficient digital procurement process

Find new production partners

Communicate directly with CNC Manufacturers

All information in real time with full transparency

Increase orders and revenue for Manufacturers

Want to fill up your CNC manufacturing capacity and increase productivity? ORDERFOX.com makes it easy to search for suitable CNC orders. As a CNC Manufacturer, search online for RFQs that match your machine fleet and company. And enjoy the following additional benefits:

Simple Quote Management System

Immediate access to new RFQs specific to your machine fleet

Outsource orders quickly and easily, if you are at capacity, or your machinery breaks down

Communicate directly with Buyers

No Commission Costs

Increased revenue potential with a detailed company profile

ORDERFOX.com: The Marketplace for the CNC Industry

Benefit from available RFQs and digital procurement

ORDERFOX.com allows Buyers and CNC Manufacturers to reduce process costs through automating standard workflows and helps find the right production partners. Whether the need is to optimize capacity, access available orders or post RFQs, ORDERFOX.com is the CNC Marketplace.

More Features for Increased Business Success.

Always up-to-date with the most important industry news: ORDERFOX.com is more than just a CNC Marketplace. ORDERFOX.com provides useful news and information about tools that impact daily business of CNC Manufacturers and Buyers.

Machinery Exchange

Find or sell your new and used machines for free.

Trade Show and Event Calendar

Use the global calendar for your company events and find CNC Industry trade shows!

Career Center

Find qualified employees – post available jobs for free!

Knowledge & Trends

Discover important industry news, research and articles!

Satisfied customers

Gruber Mechatronik GmbH

‘In our opinion, ORDERFOX.com is, in the age of digitization, ideal for manufacturers and buyers alike to simplify processes and to operate successfully on a global level.‘

René Egger, Managing Director, Gruber Mechatronik GmbH, Austria

Froelich AG

‘ORDERFOX.com is the perfect tool for our online sales! We get new orders that really match our company´s capacity quickly and easily.‘

Rebecca Froelich, Member of the Board, Froelich AG, Switzerland

HWZ GmbH & Co. KG

‘With ORDERFOX.com, we have been able to significantly improve our machine utilization and digitize our sales processes.‘

Holger Wirrmann, Company owner, HWZ GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Encopa Solutions GmbH

‘We generate 75% of our orders on ORDERFOX.com. There is no simpler, more efficient way to find new customers.’

Marvin Gabler, Managing Director, Encopa Solutions GmbH, Germany

ISTOR Spann- & Ankertechnik GmbH

“With ORDERFOX.com, we have been able to reduce our procurement costs considerably. In response to our RFQs we always receive a lot of high quality quotes, from which we then select the right CNC Manufacturer for us.”

Hubertus Schmid-Schmidsfelden, company owner ISTOR Spann- & Ankertechnik GmbH, Austria

Efneo Sp. z.o.o

“ORDERFOX.com saved us time and money in our suppliers search. For the planetary gearbox we required components on short notice. On ORDERFOX.com we received many good quotes from CNC Manufacturers globally.”

Wiktor Migaszewski, Partner, Efneo Sp. z.o.o., Poland

INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG

“With its many functions, ORDERFOX.com offers Buyers and CNC Manufacturers solutions to digitize their work processes.”

Rainer Gondek, Head of Global Marketing, INDEX-Werke GmbH & Co. KG, Germany


“We use ORDERFOX.com to optimize our procurement processes, test new technologies, and find manufacturers for prototypes and series production beyond our national borders.”

Andreas Nöckl, Managing Director, BISMAB GmbH, Switzerland

Mikron Machining

“With ORDERFOX.com we have found the ideal partner to digitize our procurement processes and help expand our Industry 4.0 agenda.”

Axel Warth, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Mikron Machining, Switzerland

Yamazaki Mazak Deutschland GmbH

“With ORDERFOX.com, companies have the ability to quickly and easily post RFQs and find work to reach both optimal capacity and a consistent level of machine utilization.”

Martin Engels, Managing Director, Yamazaki Mazak Deutschland GmbH

PAPERFOX – Fürcht Zoltán ev.

“We post our CNC work on ORDERFOX.com with its time-saving tools and filters.”

Zoltán Fürcht, owner of PAPERFOX – Fürcht Zoltán ev., Hungary

Drone Champions AG

“The portal is brilliant. With just a few clicks we have been able to post RFQs easily and quickly, and we immediately received four quotes.”

Joachim Cerny, Head of Research and Development, Drone Champions AG, Liechtenstein


“On ORDERFOX.com, we have generated a lot of orders and found many new partners. We are now working with them regularly on many more projects.”

Dipl. Ing. Radojko Stankovic, Head of Procurement, MRD ENGINEERING d.o.o., Bosnia and Herzegovina

Alu Menziken Extrusion AG

“We were impressed by the global scale, usability and free features of ORDERFOX.com.”

Michael Bischof, Key Account Manager Precision Machining, Alu Menziken Extrusion AG, Switzerland

SBS Metalltechnik GmbH

“The intelligent filter functions make it possible to refine searches for suitable work, which makes the platform a powerful purchasing tool.”

Ramon Thielecke, Production Planning/Work Preparation, SBS Metalltechnik GmbH, Germany

Egon Grosshaus GmbH & Co. KG

“As a buyer it is really intuitive, everything is clearly structured and easy to find. From the registration and posting of an RFQ to inquiry tracking, every process is well thought out!”

Jörg Antonik, Technical Purchasing, Egon Grosshaus GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

Genau Engineers

“This free service provided immediate results for us. We have already received another order from the same customer.”

Arjun Shidhaye, Head of Business Development, Genau Engineers, India

Reisch Maschinenbau GmbH

“ORDERFOX.com is a user-friendly way to outsource highly specialized work that we nor our partners can take on, which enables us to forge new contacts in the process.”

Simon Beer, Technical Sales, Reisch Maschinenbau GmbH, Austria

Fechner Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH

“We are fascinated by how efficiently the platform reconciles the interests of CNC manufacturers and CNC buyers. Whether you’re looking for more work or additional suppliers, the platform’s technical functions and filter settings produce perfect hit rates.”

Alexander Caßens, Buyer, Fechner Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH, Germany

alfa-sys ag

“With our company profile on ORDERFOX.com, we are able to precisely communicate what we offer as a company, and are visible to our target group around the clock. This approach reduces our sales and marketing costs.”

Carlo Antonelli, Sales Director, alfa-sys ag, Liechtenstein

Nextsense GmbH

“We have been able to expand and improve our network of suppliers by posting RFQs on ORDERFOX.com.”

Wolfgang Rexeis, Procurement Manager, Nextsense GmbH, Austria

Hagnleone GmbH

“Together with the platform for posting RFQs, we see ORDERFOX.com as an important tool for potential business and for finding new business partners in the future.”

Joe Hagn, Managing Director, Hagnleone GmbH, Austria

Satisfied customers

Gruber Mechatronik GmbH

‘In our opinion, ORDERFOX.com is, in the age of digitization, ideal for manufacturers and buyers alike to simplify processes and to operate successfully on a global level.‘

René Egger, Managing Director, Gruber Mechatronik GmbH, Austria