The ORDERFOX.com platform can currently be accessed for free.

Should the use of the platform become subject to a fee, ORDERFOX.com will inform users promptly and offer them the opportunity to use all functions subject to a fee. In these circumstances, ORDERFOX.com reserves its right to limit any continued free use to certain functions.

An ORDERFOX.com agreement is concluded for twelve months (contract year). The contract is automatically extended for another year at the end of each contract year. If you wish to terminate the contract, you may do so in writing at the latest three months prior to expiry of your contract year, notifying us by post or email that you do not wish to extend your contract.

  • Straightforward work advertisement, thanks to the efficient platform features
  • Quick access to just the right CNC manufacturers thanks to numerous search filter functions
  • Find local and global CNC manufacturing partners, thanks to the geographical limitation of the area function
  • Expand your network of suppliers and focus on qualified partners quickly
  • Define manufacturing partner specifications during the initial offering stage: company size, language, currency, terms and conditions, delivery specifications, certifications requirements, etc.
  • Create filters for Preferred and Exclusive Partners, or Company Blacklists, in order to optimize the accuracy of your offering(s)
  • Immediate assistance in the event of capacity issues, or machine breakdowns
  • Privacy mode setting within your company profile if you wish to remain anonymous
  • Straightforward searching for CNC jobs when you have available capacity
  • Reduce marketing costs, thanks to efficient CNC job searches with ORDERFOX.com
  • An even greater number of jobs thanks to ORDERFOX.com sales activities
  • Jobs that suit your company perfectly, thanks to numerous filter functions
  • Increased and continuous workflow, thanks to greater capacity utilization via ORDERFOX.com job generation
  • Access to all of the jobs generated by ORDERFOX.com
  • Acquire new customers quickly and efficiently
  • Interactive company profile with a global presence to increase your business opportunities
  • Privacy mode setting within your company profile if you wish to remain anonymous
  • Company search with numerous filter functions to accurately find just the right business partner
  • Access to all company profiles at ORDERFOX.com
  • Exchange and share knowledge within the global community of CNC industry experts
  • Industry-leading security standards for data handling and exchange at ORDERFOX.com
  • Expand your business network to achieve greater success
  • Exploit new business opportunities
  • Innovative and clear dashboard for easy access to all sorts of useful data
  • Unlimited number of company users at the same location
  • Email notification and reports on defined by you
  • Chat and phone-based ORDERFOX.com support for ORDERFOX.com members

You can determine which details are visible to other ORDERFOX.com users within the ORDERFOX.com settings. Use the privacy mode setting within your company profile if you would like to remain anonymous. Your contact information will then be invisible to all users on the ORDERFOX.com platform.

To increase your visibility on the ORDERFOX.com platform and be seen by the right business partners, you should provide as much information about your company in your profile as possible within the settings.

The information shown within the company profiles are based on the profile details submitted by each of the individual companies. The information within your specific company profile can be edited and amended by the user(s) authorized/registered by your company. This individual(s) can also upload your company logo and provide company pictures and videos in order to make your company profile stand out.

ORDERFOX.com only logs company profiles based on publicly accessible data (e.g. data taken from the Commercial Register) and the information submitted by companies themselves. Please note, no information is published for companies that have not executed a contract with ORDERFOX AG – you have complete control at all times over what information your company provides and what information can be seen. If a company is not shown, this means that it has not released its information for searches and wishes to remain anonymous.

You can create unlimited user profiles per company; however, individual accounts must be set up for additional locations and/or subsidiaries of the respective company, so that other users on the platform can properly find and locate you.

Searches are performed in a structured manner according to categories: the terms entered in the search categories are compared with the contents of all the ORDERFOX.com company profiles – e.g. information about machines, areas of expertise and capabilities, etc.

You can use the search function to find relevant contacts in a targeted manner. Combine the search filters to limit your search results. You will receive regular customized emails stating, for example, who has looked at your profile in the past few days, or which ORDERFOX.com users have published an available job that you could respond to (based on the user information you have provided).

You can modify/update these yourself easily at any time under the platform settings.

Data protection is one of ORDERFOX.com’s top priorities. We appreciate how sensitive company information, and even specific job information can be, therefore we implement specific precautions to ensure that such information remains secure; such as technically encrypted, exclusive and personalized access to the system, and the encryption of data itself using one of the most powerful encryption systems there is. We also monitor who attempts to gain access to the system. These measures guarantee a level of maximum security for you and for your valuable data.

Use the chat function at ORDERFOX.com or contact ORDERFOX.com by phone. The ORDERFOX.com support team assists members with any questions relating to ORDERFOX.com and use of the platform features.