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ORDERFOX.com is the largest global B2B Marketplace for the CNC Industry.

On ORDERFOX.com - Buyers can find the right CNC Partners in record time, and CNC Manufacturers can find new RFQs with just a few clicks. Work directly, both locally and globally, with minimal effort and no commission costs.

The Internet of Things (IoT), Industry 4.0, and the rapidly advancing digitization of all production processes, are among the largest industry related challenges companies face today. That is why, at ORDERFOX.com, we have created an Industry-based Community that connects CNC Manufacturers and Buyers directly, whether the need is local or global.

Launching in 2017, ORDERFOX.com has become known as The Internet of the CNC Industry, and is currently available in 25 local languages. Currently parallel, the real and virtual CNC world will for sure merge together in the near future.

With ORDERFOX.com, you can make the most of unlimited market opportunities and increase your growth potential immediately!


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ORDERFOX.com is continuously looking for creative and talented individuals to add to our global team.

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