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Wholly owned by ORDERFOX AG, ORDERFOX.com is the largest global Internet platform for companies within the CNC industry. With ORDERFOX.com, community members can successfully manage the challenges they are facing with the progression of digitalization and Industry 4.0. ORDERFOX.com is the Internet of the CNC industry that connects CNC manufacturers, buyers and the support industries simply, easily and quickly, by using intelligent filter functions to search for just the right production partner, as well as introduce them to a world of opportunity and information. Transaction costs are reduced significantly in comparison to traditional value-added chains, and productivity increases via higher capacity utilization with use of ORDERFOX.com.

ORDERFOX.com is also a knowledge platform providing information on up-to-date innovations, technologies and trends within the industry. Creating a company profile for entry into the ORDERFOX.com global community is simple and free of charge. By analyzing customer requirements, and utilizing our extensive technical know-how and understanding of the machine tool, software and automation industries, ORDERFOX.com was developed for the manufacturing sector and launched in mid-2017. 

To enhance the user experience for ORDERFOX.com community members globally, communication is done with designated country pages and within numerous local language versions.

In addition, the ORDERFOX.com platform employs the highest level of security and technical standards to maintain encrypted data exchanges between community members within the platform. ORDERFOX.com is continuously developing technologically and content with a clear focus on the community member user experience and requirements, while connecting the manufacturing sector in a way that was not previously possible, merging the real and virtual worlds effectively and efficiently.

Welcome to the new digital CNC world.


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ORDERFOX.com is continuously looking for creative and talented individuals to add to our global team.

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