02. May 2018

Customer story: MRD Engineering d.o.o., Bosnia and Herzegowina

By using, a CNC manufacturer from Bosnia and Herzegovina expands his customer network.

MRD ENGINEERING d.o.o is a small manufacturing company near the town of Banja Luka, that specializes in the production of high-quality machine components, based on newest technologies. This CNC manufacturer is known for it’s high-quality machine fleet and extremely professional and well-educated employees. As of September 2017, MRD ENGINEERING has worked on the platform, and sees the potential for growing their business.

“From the beginning, has continued to impress us with the ability to help companies like ours grow, and even more impressive is that all of the features are available for free”, states Radojko Stankovic, Head of Procurement, MRD ENGINEERING d.o.o. “With only a few clicks we created our company profile by using the selectable Input and Multiple-Choice arrays and immediately establish new business contacts. On, we have generated lots of orders and found new partners. We now work together regularly with them and have more projects “, stated Radojko Stankovic.

By using, the Internet of the CNC industry, MRD ENGINEERING d.o.o is able to expand its customer network, as well as use technology and digitalization to their advantage.

Dipl. Ing. Radojko Stankovic, Head of Procurement
MRD ENGINEERING d.o.o., Čelinac, Bosnia and Herzegovina