08. May 2018

Customer story: MAWITECH, Germany

Technical Purchasing Service Provider relies on

Founded at the beginning of last year, MAWITECH specializes in the search of CNC manufacturers for companies that require technical assistance in the development of various components. Soliciting proposals can be very time-consuming, so companies are searching for more efficient methods and tools for their supplier and sourcing review. With a company like MAWITECH, they provide a service that includes much more. "If requested or necessary, we can create a detailed plan for any manufacturing processes, we identify the cost drivers, we derive cost reduction strategies, we determine the optimal manufacturing process, and we provide an estimated cost of production," explains Martin Wilhelm, co-founder and co-owner of MAWITECH.

With the recent implementation of into their process, MAWITECH has had a very positive experience using the platform as a tool in finding the right production partners for their client base. MAWITECH sees the benefit of, and heavily relies on the largest free global platform in the CNC industry for its bidding process and supplier search for CNC components.

With the use of, MAWITECH has been able to concentrate and focus on their corporate vision. "In the age of digitized business, we are building a value-added entrepreneur network. Using as a platform solution for the CNC industry, we rely on it as a fast, easy-to-use online platform with intelligent filter functions to provide the exact resources we need." states Martin Wilhelm, affirming the MAWITECH digitization strategy.

Martin Wilhelm and Alexander Wilhelm, founders and company owners
MAWITECH, Lauf an der Pegnitz, Germany