19. June 2018

Autodesk Inventor® equipped with new plug-in and Autodesk establish better access to resources.

The introduction of the plug-in for Autodesk Inventor® is much more than just a connection to Within this software extension, users can access research, find the right production partners and can edit and publish advertised jobs directly within Autodesk Inventor®, all for free.

“Our collaboration with Autodesk provides various industries with much-needed access to resources, is user-focused in nature, and provides daily business benefits not currently available to every company. Now with the integration of not only the Forge Viewer into the platform, but also providing direct access to all of the plat­form functions directly through Autodesk Inventor®, Autodesk Fusion 360® and Autodesk AutoCAD®, the ability to benefit from access efficiencies provides for an increase in business potential for small, mid-size and large companies”, said Brian J. Smith, President, America.

As the industry changes and adapts to market demands, there is a need for the right tools and resources for companies to add efficiencies and remain competitive. is the key to providing that competitive advantage, with all features available for free upon registration.

Welcome to the new digital CNC world.