25. September 2018

Customer story: PAPERFOX – Fürcht Zoltán ev., Hungary

Hungarian print finishing manufacturer utilizes with great success.

PAPERFOX – Fürcht Zoltán ev. from Nagytarcsa in Hungary is a designer, manufacturer and global supplier of print finishing machines. Inspired by their global customer-base, company founder Zoltán Fürcht and his team strategize and develop creative solutions for paper processing & packaging machines, small devices, professional tools, as well as customized solutions.

When implementing specific customized solutions, Zoltán Fürcht is always searching for suitable CNC manufacturers for the production of highly specialized machine parts. While on he found exactly the right production partners to fit his every need in the timelines that he set forth.

“Before we knew about, we had to search endlessly for the right productions partners. Numerous e-mails, phone calls and RFP’s were not properly fulfilled. That was very frustrating and time consuming. Now that we are publicizing our RFP’s for open CNC jobs directly on and using the specific filters necessary, we are saving time and getting to market quicker. We receive quotes very quickly and we have already found several new production partners," says a satisfied Zoltán Fürcht.

Zoltán Fürcht, Company Founder
PAPERFOX – Fürcht Zoltán ev., Nagytarcsa, Hungary