29. January 2019

New Platform Feature: The Career Center

Post open jobs and find qualified industry related employees. is an everyday resource specifically built for the CNC Industry, and uses intelligent filter functions to connect CNC manufacturers and buyers. Globally, the CNC Industry and Manufacturing Sectors as a whole are growing, and many companies are fortunate to be inundated with work. With the increasing mobility of the job market, and the lack of qualified employees, many companies are faced with challenges to meet their required deadlines. For this reason, has developed a new Career Center feature. This new feature is specific to the CNC Industry and Manufacturing Sectors, and makes it easier for companies to find the qualified personnel they need.

The Career Center, like every feature on, is built for efficiency. Registered members can easily place, publish and manage open job posts, while potential applicants can find suitable jobs parallel to their experience. The Career Center interface is intuitive and user-friendly, and built with predefined selection fields and filters that can be used to post jobs. This enables companies to find qualified employees not only for traditional CNC related fields, but also for other necessary departments – from administration to sales.

In future, the Career Center will contain opportunities from not only member companies, but from partners as well. Recruiters and Job Portals all over the world are invited to contact, and forge a partnership for success with the world’s largest platform specific to the CNC Industry.

Welcome to the new, digital CNC world!