12. February 2019 & Mikron Machining

Long-standing Swiss Company becomes New Machine Partner and Benefits of Digital Procurement Processes on

Mikron Machining is seen as one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance manufacturing systems and the latest machine tools. With the announcement of the cooperation between Mikron and, New Machines produced by the Swiss company are immediately available to member companies on the Machinery Exchange.

With Mikron Machining, the Machinery Exchange welcomes a New Machine Partner, which to date has developed and put into operation over 7,000 manufacturing systems. The international customers operate in the automotive, electronics, telecommunications, consumer goods, construction as well as pneumatics and hydraulics industries. Among other things, Mikron’s new and award-winning set of machine tools with fully integrable ‘Mikron 6x6’ automation is available on the Machinery Exchange.

At the Rottweil production site, Mikron is utilizing and its features and has immediately benefited from the digital procurement processes. “With we have found the ideal partner to digitize our procurement processes and help expand our Industry 4.0 agenda. Over the last few weeks, we have already created several RFQs via and have been very successful in doing so. We will increase the use of in future to automate our procurement processes,” says Axel Warth, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Mikron Machining.

Buyers and CNC Manufacturers worldwide benefit from Above all, Buyers appreciate the simple, efficient and automated procurement processes, with which they can find new production partners with just a view clicks. CNC Manufacturers use to utilize their company’s capacities through immediately available RFQs or to outsource orders.

Welcome to the new, digital CNC world.