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12. February 2019

ORDERFOX.com & Mikron Machining: Long-standing Swiss Company becomes New Machine Partner and Benefits of Digital Procurement Processes

As a CNC Marketplace, ORDERFOX.com connects Buyers and Manufacturers globally and offers its community an everyday tool with its platform features. Mikron Machining is seen as one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance manufacturing systems and the latest machine tools. With the announcement of the cooperation between Mikron and ORDERFOX.com, New Machines produced by the Swiss company are immediately available to member companies on the ORDERFOX.com Machinery Exchange. At the Rottweil production site, Mikron is utilizing ORDERFOX.com and its features and has immediately benefited from the digital procurement processes.

Buyers and CNC Manufacturers worldwide benefit from ORDERFOX.com. Above all, Buyers appreciate the simple, efficient and automated procurement processes, with which they can find new production partners with just a view clicks. CNC Manufacturers use ORDERFOX.com to better utilize their company’s capacities through immediately available RFQs or to outsource orders. Mikron Machining based in Agno, Switzerland, develops specific, high-performance manufacturing systems for its customers to produce complex and high-precision metal components, such as turbocharger casing, injection nozzles and ballpoint pen tips.

New Machines by Mikron Machining on the ORDERFOX.com Machinery Exchange
With Mikron Machining, the ORDERFOX.com Machinery Exchange welcomes a New Machine Partner, which produces highly productive manufacturing systems and the latest machine tools. To date, Mikron Machining has developed and put into operation over 7,000 manufacturing systems. The international customers operate in the automotive, electronics, telecommunications, consumer goods, construction as well as pneumatics and hydraulics industries. Among other things, Mikron’s new and award-winning set of machine tools with fully integrable ‘Mikron 6x6’ automation is available on the Machinery Exchange.

Not only can members use the extended search and intelligent filter functions to look for New and Used Machines on the ORDERFOX.com Machinery Exchange, but to also offer their own machines. Partnerships with Used Machinery Portals, Manufacturers and Dealers ensure that the Machinery Exchange is constantly supplied with up-to-date offers. Anyone who needs a quotation to transport machinery can request this directly through the platform from a transport partner. In future, further partnerships are intended to add to what the Machinery Exchange can offer.

Increased Efficiency through Digital Procurement
The Mikron Machining site in Rottweil has already created several RFQs and successfully awarded them to ORDERFOX.com member companies. “With ORDERFOX.com we have found the ideal partner to digitize our procurement processes and help expand our Industry 4.0 agenda. Over the last few weeks, we have already created several RFQs via ORDERFOX.com and have been very successful in doing so. We will increase the use of ORDERFOX.com in future to automate our procurement processes,” says Axel Warth, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Mikron Machining.

Reinforcing the Digital Footprint by Means of Additional Platform Features
ORDERFOX.com members present themselves with a free digital company profile introducing their company, range of services, reference projects and much more to the global member community. CNC Manufacturers further underline their strengths and competences by adding both their machine fleet and expert capabilities. The platform features of ORDERFOX.com also promote interaction in the community. The Global Trade Show and Event Calendar provides an overview of all the exhibitions and events relevant to the CNC Industry. In addition, ORDERFOX.com members can enter their own activities or in-house events, thereby advertising its event for free. In the Machinery Exchange, both offers of New and Used Machines from the community and from partners are bundled together and easily searchable. The Career Center, which was integrated recently, helps the global CNC Industry to find qualified employees within a few clicks. Due to the digital company profile and the use of the additional platform features, ORDERFOX.com members reinforce their digital footprint. “On ORDERFOX.com we and our products have a presence among our target group around the clock – whether it’s in the Machinery Exchange, the Global Trade Show and Event Calendar or the procurement process,” confirms Axel Warth, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Mikron Machining.

About Mikron Machining
Mikron Machining is the leading supplier of customized, highly productive machining systems for the manufacture of complex high-precision components made of metal, such as turbocharger housings, injection nozzles and ballpoint pen tips.

Mikron Machining is headquartered in Agno (Switzerland). To date, Mikron Machining has developed and commissioned over 7,000 machining systems. Its international customers operate in the following industries: automotive supply, electronics and telecommunications, consumer goods, construction/building and pneumatics and hydraulics. Mikron Machining employs around 630 people.

Further information www.mikron.com

About ORDERFOX.com
Based in Ruggell, Liechtenstein, ORDERFOX AG manages ORDERFOX.com, the free global platform for companies to actively manage digital change. ORDERFOX.com makes it easy for companies to handle the challenges of digitalization and Industry 4.0. ORDERFOX.com is the Internet of the CNC Industry connecting CNC Manufacturers, Buyers and their supplier industries - easily and quickly by using intelligent filter functions, significantly lowering transaction cost and time-to-market.

Since its launch, ORDERFOX.com has expanded into 25 languages, launched a global Trade Show and Event Calendar, an integrated a Knowledge & Trends feature and a Machinery Exchange for New and Used Machines and a Career Center. All of the features and services of ORDERFOX.com are free to use.

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