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27. March 2019

ORDERFOX.com further Expands Sales Structure

With ORDERFOX.com, Buyers and CNC Manufacturers can digitize their work processes. Buyers can take advantage of the efficient and automated procurement processes to expand their supplier network and find new production partners. CNC Manufacturers can optimize their machine utilization by immediately available RFQs and outsourcing orders. With immediate effect, Oliver Lödl, as Chief Sales Officer, is responsible for developing and expanding global sales structures and an international network of sales partners as well as establishing more partnerships.

Development of Global Sales Structures and Partnerships
Oliver Lödl is a familiar figure in the CNC Industry and very well connected globally. The trained Automation Engineer learned the business from scratch and worked for a long time at ABB Robotertechnik, first as a Project Manager, then as a Technical and Sales Manager. After that, he managed the fortunes of Schaeffler Austria GmbH for almost 14 years as Managing Director. Besides many years of experience in company management, strategy development and sales, Oliver Lödl brings plenty of ideas regarding developing and expanding procurement and sales partnerships to ORDERFOX.com.

“ORDERFOX.com is a fast-growing platform that offers tremendous opportunities to both CNC Manufacturers and Buyers. CNC Manufacturers easily pick up new RFQs with ORDERFOX.com. Buyers save time and money when looking for suitable production partners and use the efficient, simple functions to create RFQs at a local or global scale. The digitization and global networking of the Manufacturing Industry is pointing the way for the future. My aim is to very quickly establish an international sales network, bring even more CNC Manufacturers and Buyers onto the platform and thereby promote global networking,” says Oliver Lödl about his motivation to join the ORDERFOX.com Management Team.

Together with the existing sales team, the objectives for the coming months are clearly set. “We are delighted, in the form of Oliver Lödl, to have an experienced expert on board at ORDERFOX.com in the position of Chief Sales Officer. We are certain that his many years of experience and expertise will provide new impetus,” says Bernd Schuler, Managing Director of ORDERFOX.com, looking forward to their collaboration.

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