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09. April 2019

ORDERFOX.com & CNC Jobs, Inc.: Leading US Manufacturing Sector Recruitment Firm becomes New ORDERFOX.com Partner

With ORDERFOX.com, Buyers and CNC Manufacturers can digitize their work processes. CNC Jobs, Inc. is the leading recruitment firm in the United States for the manufacturing sector. With the announcement of this new cooperation between CNC Jobs, Inc. and ORDERFOX.com, New Career Opportunities are immediately available within the ORDERFOX.com Career Center.

At ORDERFOX.com, Buyers thrive with the simple and efficient RFQ and procurement process, as well as the ability to find just the right production partners. CNC Manufacturers, on the other hand, can reach optimal capacity through immediately available RFQs, and outsource orders when their machines are at capacity. Recently, in an effort to provide additional benefits not only to existing members, but the global manufacturing community at large, ORDERFOX.com launched a new Career Center to increase the ability for companies to find qualified individuals to fill vacant positions within their companies. With the new partnership with CNC Jobs, Inc, the ORDERFOX.com Career Center continues to focus its efforts within the United States to help grow the manufacturing sector by providing access to the right opportunities for various levels of manufacturing experience, from Entry Level to C-Level, from Engineers to Operators, the opportunity for employment is there and continuously updating.

New Job Posts specific for the US in the ORDERFOX.com Career Center
As leaders in the recruitment and placement industry, CNC Jobs, Inc. provides workforce solutions in the manufacturing & medical sectors throughout the United States. Through their vast network and effective screening methods, they ensure the best possible match between those looking for jobs, and employers in search of perfectly qualified candidates. On ORDERFOX.com one can not only look for new job opportunities, but also place, publish and manage open job posts. The Career Center interface is user friendly, and predefined selection fields and filter are used to simplify the job posting process.

Attracting Qualified Employees
As the Manufacturing Sector grows, the lack of qualified employees proves to be a challenge to many companies. “The shortage of qualified employees within the manufacturing sector is real, it’s not just a United States concern, but a global issue.”, states Brian J. Smith, President of ORDERFOX.com America. “Manufacturing is one of the most important industries, and almost every product we use in our daily lives has been produced in some way by a CNC machine during the production cycle. Unfortunately, the manufacturing sector is not seen as a glamorous or secure industry, and younger generations are not studying or training to work in these fields. By adding CNC-Jobs as a partner on ORDERFOX.com, we are trying to combat those notions, change perception, and help grow manufacturing in the United States by providing access to immediate opportunities.”, says Smith.

CNC Jobs, Inc. does everything to find new qualified employees for their clients to ease their work flows. “We offer our clients’ personalized customer service based on their staffing requirements and tailor our approach based on their specific needs. With ORDERFOX.com we found the ideal partner to help the CNC Industry grow in the United States. Both our clients looking for talent, and talent looking for new opportunities have direct access, quickly and easily.”, says Blake Lawson, President of CNC Jobs, Inc.

With the cooperation between ORDERFOX.com and CNC-Jobs, Inc., Manufacturers, Buyers and all related Industries can take advantage of the available resources within the ORDERFOX.com platform, and prove that daily use will continue to provide lasting benefits for all members.

About CNC Jobs, Inc.
CNC Jobs, Inc. offer their clients’ personalized customer service based on their staffing requirement and tailor their approach based on their specific needs. Whether in need of one employee or a hundred, they can help. In addition, CNC Jobs, Inc. is a great career advancement tool for job seekers. They offer the latest positions available through, ability for candidates to upload their resume, job search teams that specialize in interview tactics and negotiations, etc.

Located in Lapeer, Michigan, CNC Jobs, Inc. continuously focuses on growing both their candidate base and client roster, and to date has placed thousands of individuals with the right companies.

Additional information www.cncjobsinc.com

About ORDERFOX.com
With offices located in Chicago, Illinois in the United States, and Ruggell, Liechtenstein, ORDERFOX Inc. and ORDERFOX AG manage ORDERFOX.com, the global platform for companies to actively manage digital change. ORDERFOX.com makes it easy for companies to handle the challenges of digitalization and Industry 4.0. ORDERFOX.com is the Internet of the CNC Industry connecting CNC Manufacturers, Buyers and their supplier industries - easily and quickly by using intelligent filter functions, significantly lowering transaction cost and time-to-market.

Since its launch, ORDERFOX.com has expanded into 25 languages, launched a global Trade Show and Event Calendar, an integrated Knowledge & Trends feature, a Machinery Exchange for New and Used Machines, and a Career Center.

Additional Information: www.orderfox.com

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