30. April 2019

Customer Story: Efneo SP. z.o.o, Poland

Polish company digitizes work processes with and finds manufacturing partners for planetary gear box components.

Their passion for cycling combined with the dream to develop and produce innovative bicycle components is the driving force of the Polish family business Efneo Sp. z.o.o. They have succeeded in developing a planetary gear suitable for all types of bicycles and to bring it to series maturity.

The Efneo GTRO Gearbox can be used as an alternative to conventional changers and front derailleurs. Similar to a car, the planetary gear allows cyclists to shift down to first gear when standing still and then drive off. The gear change during the ride is also faster and easier. The simple installation is possible without making adjustments to the frame. A growing demand from an international audience inspired the Efneo team to turn to to create RFQs for the components for the planetary gearbox.

" has essentially simplified our procurement process. The usability and clever functions allowed us to create several RFQs on the platform and receive many good quotes from CNC Manufacturers worldwide. With we have digitized our work processes and saved a lot of time and money when searching for the right production partners. The gained resources we now invest in new projects.", explains a satisfied Wiktor Migaszewski, Partner at Efneo Sp. z.o.o., who is sure to use in the future. 

On Buyers use efficient procurement processes and gain access to CNC Manufacturers with free capacity at short notice. CNC Manufacturers increase machine utilization and find immediately available RFQs matching their machine fleet.

Wiktor Migaszewski, Partner
Efneo Sp. z.o.o., Warsaw, Poland