Full Control over all Orders and Details.

Easy to Organize your Orders and Manage your Communication.

Order Management

Stay on Top of Everything.

With the Order Management System, you can keep an eye on your orders at all times. You can create RFQs, organize everything related to your requirements, and communicate, all in one location.


Process Quotes Easily.

In the Quote Overview, you can manage all quotes that you have received for your RFQ, whether you work alone or on a team.

Direct Communication

Negotiate in Real Time.

Directly communicate with CNC Manufacturers. Communicate messages in our Messenger, or use the upload and download functions for exchanging documents.

Functional Tables

Customizable Tables.

Only see the data you need. Show, rearrange and sort columns, by structuring all tables according to your specific requirements.

Other Functions


You have the option of creating Blacklists and Exclusive Partner lists. This gives you full control over who sees your RFQs, and who doesn’t.


Protect your sensitive documents with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). You have full control over who can see your documents.


With In-App Notifications you will never miss a quote again. No flood of e-mails, you have full control over the entire communication process.

Quick Feedback

When you confirm a quote, all Manufacturers automatically receive feedback. Thus, you save time and can easily speed up your procurement process.

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