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16. July 2019

Quick and targeted RFQ creation and CNC order search: ORDERFOX.com awarded with BMEnet seal of approval as a “Marketplace for the CNC Industry”

With ORDERFOX.com, Buyers and CNC Manufacturers can digitize their work processes and benefit significantly. Buyers gain direct access to available capacity, and Manufacturers find available CNC orders instantly – locally, nationally or globally.

In awarding this “Marketplace for the CNC Industry” seal of approval through its subsidiary BMEnet GmbH, the professional buyer’s association BME (Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics) confirms that ORDERFOX.com meets the test criteria in terms of usability, quality and security, among other factors. ‘”We were especially impressed with the usability of the platform and the refined search and filter functions that make a Buyer’s day-to-day business of searching for specific CNC Manufacturers easier,” says Andreas Richter, assessor at BMEnet GmbH.

Buyers generate profit on ORDERFOX.com
With ORDERFOX.com, Buyers autonomously manage all of their procurement challenges, saving time and money in the process. Sourcing and procurement processes can be improved, be significantly easier and more cost-effective, while the entire supply chain becomes more transparent. Workflows are digitized and data is generated in real time. ORDERFOX.com also opens up direct access to over 12,000 highly qualified CNC Manufacturers within all processing technologies with immediately availability capacity.

The newly developed Order Management System on ORDERFOX.com facilitates secure and highly efficient RFQ creation, organization and communication, all with just one tool. Local, national or global RFQs are created with just a few clicks, and are immediately visible to all users in the selected regions. Buyers can also optimize their RFQs using numerous filters, such as filters for exclusive partners, company blacklists, the NDA function and much more.

Full-capacity for CNC Manufacturers
CNC Manufacturers on ORDERFOX.com find hundreds of orders every month that perfectly match their machine fleets. No matter where in the world a suitable RFQ has been created, Manufacturers receive a corresponding e-mail within 10 minutes and can respond immediately. Alternatively, they can search for special orders themselves and submit a quote directly. With ORDERFOX.com, CNC Manufacturers can optimize their capacities quickly and easily, and increase their revenue. The new Quote Management System from ORDERFOX.com allows for all issued quotes and quote correspondence to be managed securely and completely in just a few clicks – including saving searches and subscribing to e-mail notifications.

The Internet of the CNC Industry
“The CNC Market is fundamentally changing. And the award from BMEnet shows that ORDERFOX.com is offering exactly what Buyers and CNC Manufacturers around the globe need now: a practical, optimized online tool for digitizing their work processes quickly and successfully so they can react to the rapid changes in the CNC industry,” says ORDERFOX.com CEO David Felsmann. “After all, digitization places much different requirements on all market players today than even a few years ago. And with ORDERFOX.com, they can meet these requirements easily, securely, conveniently and efficiently.”

About BME
Founded in 1954, the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) is a professional association for buyers, supply chain managers and logistics specialists in Germany and Central Europe. It acts as a service provider for its 9,750 individual and corporate members (as of 31/12/2018), which operate in all industries and sectors, such as heavy industry, trade, public institutions or finance.

Its subsidiary BMEnet GmbH helps BME members and buyers manage their operational challenges and since 2002 has awarded the seal of approval for software and electronic platforms that optimize procurement and logistics.

Further information: www.bme.en.

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