06. September 2019

‘75 % of our orders come from!’

Quick and resolute sales: the CNC start-up Encopa Solutions GmbH is taking off.

Encopa Solutions GmbH in Jacobsdorf, Germany entered the market in June 2018. The young company covers two equally important segments: construction and engineering work in the field of mechanical engineering and CNC manufacturing for the supplier industry.

Around six months ago, Encopa Solutions discovered the benefits of and registered as a user immediately: ‘Even in such a short period of time, we have already generated a significant number of orders through’, says Managing Director Marvin Gabler. ‘These currently make up 75% of our production. Without, we would never have been able to gain a foothold in the market so quickly – and we saved a lot on sales and marketing costs! There is no simpler, more efficient way to find new customers and orders.

Around 90 % of the orders generated by Encopa Solutions on relate to 3-axis milling of aluminium and plastic, with the remainder relating to milling work for small batches. Marvin Gabler is particularly impressed by the helpful filter tools: ‘We are very selective and only provide quotes for RFQs within Germany. Thanks to, this specification can be filtered with a simple click of a mouse.’

As Encopa Solutions operates as a small, family-run enterprise, its fixed costs are low and its prices are attractive to customers. However, its lean structure also means that its capacity is still limited. ‘As such, we have also used to outsource orders that we were unable to complete ourselves’, says Marvin Gabler. ‘We had numerous suitable quotes at our fingertips in no time at all. Thanks to the filters, we only get quotes from German companies in a specific region. After all, we want to keep transport costs to a minimum. Everything worked perfectly and we were extremely happy with the result!’

The Order and Quote Management system on also makes the everyday work of Encopa Solutions noticeably easier: ‘It is now significantly easier for us to provide quotes and to never lose track when it comes to managing orders – that applies to the orders for which we have submitted quotes as well as the RFQs we ourselves have created. We also have to process far fewer e-mails than in the past’, says Marvin Gabler happily. ‘Now we simply have open in our browser all day long and only close it when we go home in the evening.’

Marvin Gabler, Managing Director
Encopa Solutions GmbH, Jacobsdorf, Germany

Welcome to the new digital CNC world!