28. October 2019

ORDERFOX and AMT – Aligned on US Industry Growth

Founded in 1902, AMT has supported Manufacturing in the United States by offering-assistance in the forms of Advocacy (in the US and abroad), Research, Support, Networking, Trade Shows, Education, etc. They have been an invaluable resource to help US-based Companies, and Foreign-owned Companies expand in the US.

“Our reason to become an AMT member was simple, our strategies and focus on the advancement of US Manufacturing and the support of the Industry Sector as a whole align” says Brian J. Smith, President of ORDERFOX America. “ was conceived to benefit both Manufacturers and Buyers by finding them the right production partners quickly and efficiently, as well as offer other features needed in today’s fast-paced environment. We are not here to reduce their revenues with high commissions, forced pricing or hidden fees, we pride ourselves on 100% transparency”, states Smith. plans to work with AMT and its member companies in many ways to help advance the US Industry Sector. The focus will be on US Buyers and US Manufacturers specifically, so as to help them navigate the new digital world of procurement and Industry 4.0, whether they require it locally or globally.

To continue to promote growth opportunities for AMT Member Buyers, offers a Free RFQ Placement Service to post AMT member RFQs on the platform, regardless of quantity and size. In addition, all AMT Member Manufacturers, can receive 50% off their annual membership by registering with the promo code: ORDERFOXAMT.

Welcome to the new, digital CNC world.