15. November 2019

Get a suitable quote quicker than ever

New features on Price comparison and CSV export function.

The team at is constantly working on new functions and features to facilitate the day-to-day work of Buyers and CNC Manufacturers.

With the new Price Comparison feature, Buyers immediately see which quotes would be especially interesting for them. This is because Manufacturers will be automatically asked to submit their guiding price and production time to each RFQ. This way, Buyers see all submitted guiding prices and envisaged production times at a glance.

Buyers can customize the list format to their individual preferences and requirements to easily sort through all details. This means significant savings in time and money! With the new CSV export function, all relevant quotes and information submitted in response to RFQs can be exported.

CNC Manufacturers also benefit from the new features! CNC Manufacturers can now contact potential business partners and receive feedback to submitted quotes even faster. In addition, they can keep a track of the guiding prices they have submitted to each RFQ.

With, Buyers and CNC Manufacturers digitize their work processes and save time and money!

Welcome to the new, digital CNC world.