14. May 2020

CNC orders – as many as you need!

These past weeks have taught us a lot, and we are all being forced to realign ourselves to a new future full of changes – and also opportunities. Let’s join together to take advantage of these opportunities and get a flying start!

Get as many CNC orders as you need, when you need them. Simply optimise your company profile in the coming weeks and present your skills as a strong CNC professional to over 8,000 buyers. Based on your profile you automatically receive new enquiries that you can respond to simply and digitally as needed.

Our additional new rating system lends you more credibility as a supplier and you can increase your profile as a high-quality, reliable CNC partner through your services worldwide.

Get a flying start and take advantage of the new opportunities!

Digital beats viral: we are here when you need us and our Customer Service team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.