6,000.- Euro awarded to for our most active buyers every month.

Our buyer challenge awards the top 3 buyers allocating the most orders via ORDERFOX.com with 3,000.- 2,000.- and 1,000.- Euro depending on their rank.

Secrue the award and use the many advantages and labour-saving features from ORDERFOX.com.

Depending on your individual settings, you will receive quotations from suitable CNC manufacturers within a very short time - locally, regionally or globally!

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We congratulate the winners of our buyer challenge!

Top 3

for the period 15.7-15.8.2020

Genau Engineers
€ 3,000.-
Heliovis AG
€ 2,000.-
Fritimi UG
€ 1,000.-

Terms and conditions

Every month, companies that place the most orders via ORDERFOX.com are awarded prizes. Orders must be allocated via the "accept offer" button. We award the first rank with 3,000.-, the 2nd rank with 2,000.- and the 3rd rank with 1,000.- EURO - every month. The winners are determined monthly and informed by e-mail.
The evaluation period always extends from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the following month.
 In all other respects our general terms and conditions and data protection information apply.
No recourse to the courts is possible.