25. June 2020

Vibrationmaster s.à.r.l. uses for CNC procurement

VIBRATIONMASTER, founded in 2010 in Luxembourg, is a company whose technologies enable customers throughout the world to solve problems triggered by vibration and resonance. The patented solutions include fastener, nut and bolt test benches to analyse the integrity of bolted joints. VIBRATIONMASTER’S test benches are brought to use daily throughout the world by leading OEMs such as ABB, CRRC, Boeing, Toyota and SpaceX who all have a keen interest in reliability-testing their products, planes, cars and rockets to ensure maximum product safety. The test solutions developed by VIBRATIONMASTER, are characterised by extreme reliability and customised tailoring to customer requirements.

“At VIBRATIONMASTER, we get CNC professionals to manufacture diverse parts for us. But the crucial requirements are always the same. Reliable quality, highest precision and strict adherence to schedule”, says Morten Schiff, Managing Director of VIBRATIONMASTER s.a.r.l. “On, we can specifically tender our CNC parts regionally or globally. The quality of quotes that we receive is very good. With, we make use of all the advantages that digital procurement has to offer.”