30. June 2020

C SEED is digitising CNC procurement with

Big, bigger, C SEED. Innovative, phenomenal, in unique Porsche design and with jaw-dropping functions. The outdoor television sets of the Austrian company C SEED made out of carbon fiber and titanium are masterpieces of technology. These monoliths rise out silently from the ground and fold out into television screens with a diagonal screen measurement of up to 7.6 meters. Highlights that the R&D team at C SEED are particularly proud of: extremely big, extremely solid, extremely light, extraordinary luminosity, contrast and colour depth – and all of this even in direct sunlight. C SEED’s outdoor speakers perfectly complete this entertainment system, both acoustically and optically.

C SEED uses to get CNC parts manufactured for the mechanical movement of the television sets. The highest standards are required for these parts. Especially in relation to precision and materials, because the sets have to be able to easily unfold into their final size outdoors in all weather conditions as well as on deep-sea yachts. Bernhard Schuh, Technical Head, says in relation to this, “Though, we were able to find new, reliable and highly qualified CNC suppliers in our region. The parts that we needed on short notice were delivered in the requisite quality on schedule. The tendering process was simple and efficient. We received very good quotes in no time at all. has significantly simplified our procurement process.”