13. July 2020

CNC parts for applied research and teaching

In addition to its traditional teaching activities in the field of engineering, NTB (the University of Applied Sciences Buchs) has close international ties with businesses in a wide range of industrial sectors. Its interdisciplinary work as part of technology transfers with industry allows broad, multifaceted fields of expertise to develop at NTB. And what belongs together comes together: theory and practice, teaching and research, science and business as well as expertise from a range of fields.

NTB uses to have CNC parts manufactured for a wide range of applications in research or development projects with industrial partners. Most of the time, the parts have small batch sizes, are made from special materials or are extremely complex with strict precision requirements for prototypes or custom-made products in industrial projects and research institutes. Ueli Scherrer, MSc. FHO Engineering / Mechanical Engineering from NTB explains the university’s work with ORDERFOX: “As the quantities are mostly small and the functional requirements strict, the components are often highly integrated and complex. Given the developments in the machine tool sector and with a view to finding the cheapest way to realise them overall, we now no longer adapt our components to a pre-existing machine, but rather search for a manufacturing partner with equipment that fits our components.” He also considers an excellent way for NTB to find the right manufacturing partners for components and build its network of suppliers strategically. As digitisation is part of the very DNA of the institute, NTB utilises the speed and simplicity of the digital option, NTB saves time and money thanks to the simplicity of the tendering process. NTB can even collaborate with smaller enterprises that it would never have encountered otherwise. And the fact that it costs nothing and does not require any special software makes it less daunting to take advantage of the simplicity of Scherrer concludes: “ is a valuable partner to us when it comes to completing high-tech projects efficiently and on time.”