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  • Easily create your RFQs, thanks to efficient platform features
  • Quick access to just the right CNC Manufacturers, thanks to numerous search filter functions
  • Find local and global CNC manufacturing partners, thanks to the geographical limitation of the area function
  • Expand your network of suppliers and focus on qualified partners.
  • Define manufacturing partner specifications during the initial offer: company size, language, currency, terms and conditions, delivery specifications, certification requirements, etc.
  • Create filters for Preferred and Exclusive Partners, or Company Blacklists, to optimise the accuracy of your quotation(s)
  • Immediate assistance in the event of capacity shortages, or machine breakdowns
  • Privacy mode settings within your company profile if you wish to remain anonymous
  • Easily search for CNC orders when you have available capacity
  • Reduce your marketing and sales costs by utilising the ORDERFOX.com order search functions
  • An even greater number of orders, thanks to ORDERFOX.com sales and marketing activities
  • Orders that are perfectly suited for your company, thanks to the numerous filter functions
  • Increased and continuous workflow, due to greater capacity utilisation via orders generated through ORDERFOX.com
  • Access to all of the RFQs generated by ORDERFOX.com
  • Acquire new customers quickly and efficiently
  • Continually increase your business opportunities in the ever-growing and ever-changing CNC industry sector
  • Interactive company profile with a global online presence to increase your business opportunities
  • Privacy mode setting within your company profile if you wish to remain anonymous
  • Company search with numerous filter functions to accurately find the right business partner(s)
  • Access to all the company profiles at ORDERFOX.com
  • Exchange and share knowledge within the global community of CNC industry experts
  • Industry leading security standards for data handling and exchange
  • Expand your business network to achieve greater success
  • Utilise business opportunities
  • Innovative and easy-to-use dashboard
  • E-mail notifications and reports on topics defined by you
  • Chat and phone-based support for all ORDERFOX.com members
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