10. August 2017

Successfully advertising CNC jobs – customer story

‘As an innovative niche market player in the area of LED lighting solutions, we are dependent on reliable, high-quality and experienced suppliers. We have just advertised our first CNC job at and have been extremely positively surprised by the results.

The user-friendly filter functions and the convenient selection boxes made placing the ad ever so simple and quick. We soon received the first attractive offers from interested business partners.

To make an initial selection, we took a look at the service providers’ company profiles, which really simplified the process of selecting a supplier. The work we contracted is now being produced and we intend to stay in touch with some of the service providers for future and long-term partnerships.

Together with the platform for advertising jobs, we see as an important tool for potential business and for looking for new business partners in the future.’

Josef Hagn,
CEO, Hagnleone GmbH,