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15. September 2017

Press release ORDERFOX.com

The Internet of the CNC industry – welcome to the new digital CNC world

New and revolutionary. ORDERFOX.com is the world’s largest CNC database providing CNC manufacturers and buyers with new business opportunities. CNC manufacturers can search for and find both local and global CNC jobs for FREE – buyers can place CNC jobs on the platform, as well as update and optimise their network of suppliers. ORDERFOX.com is more than just a free CNC platform and comprehensive database that connects CNC manufacturers and buyers.
Both buyers and sellers also receive a wide range of regular reports and analyses which provide great added value, they include current and future trends, and important facts and figures about the market. This information is invaluable for buyers and CNC manufacturers, as it can provide guidance in making investment decisions with more certainty.

The speed and complexity of the CNC business is growing with the progression of digitisation and Industry 4.0. All business processes, horizontal and vertical, are becoming more efficient. For CNC manufacturers and buyers alike, digital networking is becoming an indispensable platform for keeping up within the competitive landscape. The Innovative nature of ORDERFOX.com provides support to businesses by helping them prepare, grow and move towards a more efficient digital future. One such example is that ORDERFOX.com provides its users with a large network of contacts for more potential business that they may not have had access to before. At the same time, valuable sector and industry expertise is continuously updated, added and shared by leading industry experts and companies, providing additional growth opportunities and benefits within the network. Quick access to knowledge, market information and suitable business partners has become a crucial success factor in the high-speed Industry 4.0. environment. ORDERFOX.com fully embraces forward thinking trends: as the only global CNC database for developing business activities, and as a source of information on market trends where users can make strategic operational and investment decisions with more certainty. The daily use of ORDERFOX.com will become so self-evident as the use of Google and other searching machines.

Best practice solution for the requirements of CNC manufacturers

ORDERFOX.com is a comprehensive problem solver for CNC manufacturers. It is centred on the idea of optimising the workload of a business. If they have the capacity, a CNC manufacturer can quickly and easily search for new CNC jobs that match its company profile perfectly. Likewise, if they are at capacity or if a machine breaks down, jobs can be outsourced to suitable partners efficiently and easily. In addition ORDERFOX.com provides general assistance with everyday problems. The expertise and experience of a wide range of manufacturing companies is easily available within this new CNC database. For ORDERFOX.com users, this informationis ideal, and the sharing of knowledge and experience will not only help the industry grow, but also boost quality and ease overall competitiveness.

Unrivalled usability with the CNC job search

ORDERFOX.com distinguishes itself by providing user-friendly technical and usability features tailored to CNC manufacturers. Numerous filter tools make searching for jobs quick, accurate and efficient. This way, CNC manufacturers only receive jobs that really match their company. Additionally, users can set the geographic range of their job search to the kilometre, locally or globally, which makes the job search results easy to manage. Status on whether a job has been awarded, is still available or has been postponed is also easy to manage. If there is a need to know more information about a customer immediately, it is easily accessible via mouse click on their ORDERFOX.com profile. If there is interest in the job, the CNC manufacturer can contact the buyer and the right representative at the click of a button. ORDERFOX.com keeps its users informed of all business activity with reports and email notifications, providing a continuously transparent overview of all business activity.

Well-equipped for Industry 4.0, service-oriented and strong for the future

ORDERFOX.com is clearly embracing digitisation and Industry 4.0, yet also combines this orientation with marketing and sales. ORDERFOX.com actively generates new CNC jobs and new community members with the help of global marketing outreach programs such as; promotional campaigns, AdWords, banners, social media, trade fairs, TV advertising, etc. At the ORDERFOX.com headquarters in Ruggell, Liechtenstein, their staff assists users with all of their queries regarding ORDERFOX.com, via chat and by phone.

Buyers can optimise and simplify their processes and search globally for new suppliers

For buyers, ORDERFOX.com provides a range of contacts to meet any requirement – from mass producers to highly specialised manufacturing firms with niche expertise. This enables buyers to find highly qualified suppliers both locally and globally, and in doing so, update and optimise their supplier networks decisively. ORDERFOX.com provides buyers with a wide range of technical features in which they can utilise all of the advantages of the digital tendering processes. On ORDERFOX.com, tendering is simple, efficient, quick and precise. Whether you need to deal with a quick, simple job as soon as possible, or are looking for a partner for a challenging long-term project, finding your ideal partner is easily accessible on ORDERFOX.com.

Timesaving features for tendering

Usability is one of the guiding principles of ORDERFOX.com, and this starts with simplifying the input of job data. A vast amount of details can be input through timesaving multiple-choice processes or checkboxes;  e.g. materials, technologies, industries, certifications and even GTC. However, the smart filter tools on ORDERFOX.com take ease of use to the next step. Buyers can set the geographic range, even varying it from job to job, and filters for exclusive partners and company blacklists help to refine the target group. Private mode can also be activated to hide the contact information and representatives of a company, if a company wishes to remain anonymous on the platform.

Interactive, multi-purpose company profile connects community-members globally

A company profile on ORDERFOX.com provides users with numerous advantages. They have a local and global presence in what will soon be the largest CNC marketplace in the world. They can improve their company’s ranking on Google and other search engines, the market will become more aware of them quicker, and they will profit from new opportunities through the constant influx of new business contacts. For information about a potential business partner, simply view their company profile. Even the generation and use of company profiles have been designed around ease of use on ORDERFOX.com. The freely customisable input fields, and preconfigured multiple-choice fields greatly simplify the creation of a company profile. Companies can present their fleet of machines, references and brands in detail using pictures, videos, company brochures, certifications, etc. Simply drag and drop files into the window to upload them! Changes are simple and possible at any time. With company search every user can even search for specific company representatives both locally and globally. With filters such as distance, technology, materials, industries, certifications and number of employees, ORDERFOX.com will find the companies that meet any search criteria. Companies that have recently joined ORDERFOX.com are even shown separately on an up-to-date, innovative dashboard. If you do not want to be contacted activate the privacy mode at the click of a button in your company profile and your contact information and representatives will then be hidden.

Use ORDERFOX.com to gauge the market and help make decisions

ORDERFOX.com provides its users with important information relevant to everyday problems, including strategic operational and structural concerns regarding investments and market trends. This includes up-to-date email notifications with custom reports and insights. Community members can also use ORDERFOX.com to generate market-relevant information and read the latest news about technological  innovations and trends from industry experts. This way, ORDERFOX.com makes it easier for CNC manufacturers to make decisions about investments and paves the way to Procurement 4.0 for buyers.

ORDERFOX.com is continuously adapting to the market

With the advancement of Industry 4.0 and Procurement 4.0, the requirements that platforms such as ORDERFOX.com have to meet are changing constantly. When it comes to technical usability, ORDERFOX.com is already the leader. ORDERFOX.com will support the  CNC sector holistically, and help it grow with key developments. For currently 160.000 community members (Status August 2017)  functions and offers to parallel the needs of customers. ORDERFOX.com also aims to expand its content. Partner solutions, a job portal, a used machine market and other areas of relevance and value to the CNC sector are currently in the pipeline. ORDERFOX.com will become an everyday tool similar to Google and other search engines.

A summary of the advantages of ORDERFOX.com for CNC manufacturers and buyers:

ORDERFOX.com is the solution for CNC manufacturers if:

  • they are searching for new CNC jobs on short notice because they have the capacity.
  • they want to outsource jobs because they are at capacity, or a machine has broken down.
  • they are searching for jobs locally or globally.
  • they only want to see jobs that meet their criteria perfectly.
  • they are looking for a tool similar to Google and other search engines developed specifically for their industry sector.
  • they want to use their entry into digitisation and Industry 4.0 to generate a competitive advantage.
  • they are looking for access to professional solutions for everyday problems.
  • they want to identify market developments at an early stage to make the right strategic decisions, e.g. investments and manufacturing trends.

ORDERFOX.com is the solution for buyers if:

  • they want to use all of the advantages of digital tendering processes and continue on towards the promising horizon of Industry 4.0.
  • they want to find qualified suppliers locally or globally.
  • they want to update and optimise their network of suppliers continuously.
  • they are looking for highly qualified suppliers for long-term, reliable partnerships.
  • they want to make their tendering processes simple, efficient, quick and accurate.
  • they need CNC parts at short notice.
  • they are looking for a tool similar to Google and other search engines developed specifically for their industry sector.

ORDERFOX.com Highlights:

  • ORDERFOX.com is the CNC marketplace for CNC manufacturers, CNC buyers and the supplying industry.
  • ORDERFOX.com connects CNC manufacturers and CNC buyers.
  • ORDERFOX.com searches and finds automatically the right partner.
  • ORDERFOX.com is the only global platform for the CNC market.
  • ORDERFOX.com generates data for CNC manufacturers, CNC buyers and partner.


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