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14. September 2017

Premium Partner Programme ORDERFOX.com

Explore and benefit with new market potential –
as an ORDERFOX.com Premium Partner Programme.

Boost your business opportunities and reduce your marketing costs. The world’s largest CNC industry platform ORDERFOX.com is opening up its existing ‘two-sided’ market for CNC manufacturers and CNC buyers to companies within the CNC supplier industry as well as to general service companies in October 2017. ORDERFOX.com’s new Premium Partner Programme is a marketing partnership for machine tool manufacturers, suppliers of automation, suppliers of measurement technology, tool manufacturers, lubricant manufacturers, and also for general service companies in the areas of fleet management, facility management, recruitment, etc.

The ORDERFOX.com Premium Partner Programme is an attractive marketing partnership with the world’s largest CNC industry platform. As an ORDERFOX.com Premium Partner, companies have unlimited and direct access to target groups in Europe, America and Asia.

Use ORDERFOX.com as a revolutionary and efficient marketing tool.
The ORDERFOX.com Premium Partner Programme is a marketing partnership which can be booked for individual countries, for all of Europe, or globally, as required. The Premium Partners enjoy optimal market presence by being incorporated into the ORDERFOX.com home page, and thanks to their interactive company profiles on the Premium Partner website, listing all their branches and giving them various product presentation options. With ORDERFOX.com being the world’s largest CNC industry platform, the Premium Partners enjoy unparalleled marketing advantages. They can reach their target group 365 days a year without any wasted coverage, their target group continues to grow as ORDERFOX.com is steadily expanded, and their target group uses the platform daily as a pool of expertise and know-how, giving the Premium Partners numerous points of contact with potential customers. Additionally, ORDERFOX.com Premium Partners can utilize the full potential and efficiency of digital marketing measures, such as the placement of articles or product reports in the ORDERFOX.com knowledge platform effectively known as “Knowledge & Trends”.

Premium Partners have access to valuable metadata and analysis.
The Premium Partner Programme is an excellent and simple means of realising targeted marketing and sales activities, making investment decisions and devising global strategies. In part having valuable access to the first available industrial global metadata in the CNC database, and the ORDERFOX.com analysis services available to Premium Partners. Examples of such data and analyses are:

  • How many CNC jobs there are for which industries and involving which technologies, materials and workpiece volumes.
  • Which industries, technologies and materials are in greatest demand.
  • Viewed CNC jobs, total CNC jobs, job statistics.
  • In which region the majority of CNC jobs are advertised and/or searched for.
  • Which companies award which contracts (broken down by technologies and materials).
  • Machine types broken down by manufacturers and technologies based on the data in the company profiles.
  • Demographic characteristics and number of company profile views.
  • Parameters such as traffic, location, language and technologies.

Reports can be received on a weekly or a monthly basis, as required. This enables ORDERFOX.com. Premium Partners to reliably plan and implement targeted marketing activities that focus on the CNC industry with 100% potential customer data and no wasted coverage.

The Premium Partner Programme lowers costs compared with traditional marketing activities.
Maximum effect coupled with costs that are kept as low as possible. The Premium Partner Programme involves numerous measures designed to generate maximum presence within the target group. Premium Partners are prominently incorporated into the ORDERFOX.com home page, have their own interactive company profile listing all their locations, and receive detailed analyses of visitor behaviour and market-relevant information. A compliment of conventional print marketing measures, such as trade ads and mailings, with the reach and efficiency of the digital tools of ORDERFOX.com are some of the highlights that benefit the Premium Partners and reduce their marketing costs.

The Premium Partner Programme also has a positive impact on the ORDERFOX.com CNC community as a whole, as Premium Partners will account for a considerable proportion of the innovations and future-proof solutions that users of ORDERFOX.com can enjoy. This results in a win-win situation for everyone within the ORDERFOX.com CNC market, be they CNC manufacturers, CNC buyers or the supplier industry.

For more information on and the advantages of the ORDERFOX.com Premium Partner Programme please contact us at: info@orderfox.com


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