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14. September 2017

Customer testimonials ORDERFOX.com

ORDERFOX.com customer testimonials –
successfully finding CNC jobs and suppliers.

More than 160,000 community members from around the world have signed up to the new ORDERFOX.com CNC database and industry platform since it went live on the 1st of June 2017. Recent testimonials and reviews given by customers show that ORDERFOX.com is already surpassing people’s expectations as a partner platform for CNC manufacturers and CNC buyers. Now that ORDERFOX.com has been live, users are starting to reap the benefits of the platform in more ways than they had originally anticipated.

User Testimonial, CNC buyer (Tendering CNC jobs):
Hagnleone GmbH, Austria, www.hagnleone.at

“As an innovative niche market player in the area of LED lighting solutions, we are dependent on reliable, high-quality and experienced suppliers. We have just advertised our first CNC job on ORDERFOX.com and have been extremely surprised by the results. The user-friendly filter functions and the convenient selection boxes made placing the job ever so simple and quick. We soon received attractive offers from interested business partners. To make an initial selection, we took a look at the service providers’ company profiles, which really simplified the process of selecting the right supplier. The work we contracted is now being produced and we intend to stay in touch with some of the service providers for future and long-term partnerships.

Together with the platform for advertising jobs, we see ORDERFOX.com as an important tool for potential business, and for looking for new business partners in the future.”

Josef Hagn, Manager Hagnleone GmbH

User Testimonial, CNC manufacturer (Finding CNC jobs):
CNC Mechanik AG, Liechtenstein, www.cnc.li

“As an SME that strives to always be on the cutting edge of technology in all areas, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services as a CNC full-service provider. In addition to the usual sectors, we have acquired sound expertise in the areas of vacuum and semiconductor technology. This includes the cubic and rotary manufacture of workpieces, connection technologies, the installation of individual parts in equipment, systems and modules, the cleaning of parts, and giving manufacturing technology advice to customers in the development and prototype stages who are looking for product and cost optimisation solutions.

We consider ORDERFOX.com to be the ideal platform for showcasing ourselves to a very large number of potential customers. We see it as an opportunity and as a means of forging new contacts. The user-friendly interface and the filter functions at ORDERFOX.com help you get to where you want in next to no time, in other words find relevant jobs and customers.”

Thomas Büchel, Manager CNC Mechanik AG

Customer quotes about ORDERFOX.com:

“With the straightforward filter functions at ORDERFOX.com, we are able to find CNC jobs that suit us perfectly. ORDERFOX.com really is a tool that allows new business relations to be established between customers and suppliers. We firmly believe ORDERFOX.com can achieve its objective of becoming the Internet of the CNC industry, and we and others will also benefit from this.”

Stefano Giuliana, Manager, AGS Engineering Metalltechnik GmbH, Germany, www.ags-engineering.de 

“We have been able to expand and improve our network of suppliers by advertising CNC jobs on ORDERFOX.com. The platform’s excellent functionality makes finding the right partner straightforward, fast and reliable.”

Wolfgang Rexeis, Procurement Manager, Nextsense GmbH, Austria, www.nextsense.at

“We only recently started using ORDERFOX.com and can no longer imagine life without it. The platform gives us fast and free access to the regional, national and global markets. With our company profile at ORDERFOX.com, we are able to precisely communicate what we offer as a company and are present for our target group around the clock. This approach reduces our sales and marketing costs.”

Carlo Antonelli, Sales Director alfa-sys ag, Liechtenstein,

“The CNC industry was crying out for a solution like ORDERFOX.com. We are fascinated by how efficiently the platform reconciles the interests of CNC manufacturers and CNC buyers. No matter whether you’re looking for jobs or suppliers, the platform’s technical functions and filter settings result in perfect hit rates. At the same time, the electronic business processes at ORDERFOX.com are a great point of entry into Industry 4.0.”

Alexander Caßens, Buyer, Fechner Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH, Germany, www.fechner-stahlbau.de


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