17. November 2017 for the US – now in US English and Imperial.

Now community members in the US can take advantage of the user-friendly nature of the platform with the introduction of not only localized US specific English content and videos, but also the adaption of local measurements. Now all click point selections and multiple-choice details are adapted from metric to imperial, for increased ease of use.

Now American community members can find and advertise CNC jobs both locally and globally in their local language, and their normalized measuring system, without the need to adapt to non-US standards. recognizes the importance of the industrial sector within the US, and the importance of this sector to the US economy, as well as continued local job growth. With United States generating roughly 20% of the annual global income, is the right tool to help not only the global economy, but also to help keep the US industrial sector focused on what they do best.

Welcome to the new digital CNC world.