08. February 2018

Customer story: GROSSHAUS, Germany

German manufacturer convinced is the future.

The Egon Grosshaus GmbH & Co. KG, is a medium-sized manufacturer from Lennestadt, in Sauerland, Germany, and is known for being a metal processing supplier of the automobile, electronic and engineering industries.  Egon Grosshais first read about, The Internet of the CNC Industry, in a trade magazine and decided to research how can help them grow.  Upon review of the site, they knew right away that the future is now, and that can be the avenue to preparedness and in nurturing success.

GROSSHAUS is continuously scanning the market with, the largest global Internet platform within the CNC industry, for new prefabrication suppliers for their production sites in Lennestadt and Györ in Hungary. “As a buyer its really intuitive, everything is clearly structured and easy to find. From the registration and the job placement to inquiry tracking, every process is easily accessible and intuitive!” explains Jörg Antonik, Technical Purchaser at Grosshaus.

With the help of, which was specifically developed with expansive technical knowledge and an understanding for the CNC-industry, GROSSHAUS embraces the opportunity to advance their operations within Industry 4.0, and sees a bright future working together.  “With The intelligent filter functions of the platform providing business and partner opportunities quickly and simply, our valued chains a getting more efficient. Also, we now have the capability to be more flexibility while having lower costs, the real and virtual worlds are now one.”

Jörg Antonik, Technical Purchasing,
Egon Grosshaus Gmbh & Co. KG,Lennestadt, Germany