08. February 2018

Customer story: GROSSHAUS, Germany

German metal manufacturer convinced by

The Egon Grosshaus GmbH & Co. KG, a medium-sized business from Lennestadt in Sauerland (GER), is known for being a metal processing supplier of the automobile, electronic and engineering industry. Through a trade magazine,, the Internet of the CNC Industry, drew their attention.

GROSSHAUS is continuously scanning the market with, the largest global Internet platform within the CNC industry by now, for new prefabrication suppliers for their production sites Lennestadt and Györ in Hungary. Especially the usability of the platform is convincing. “As a buyer its really intuitive, everything is clearly structured and easy to find. From the registration and the job placement to inquiry tracking every process is well elaborated!” explains Jörg Antonik, technical purchaser at Grosshaus visibly satisfied.

With the usage of, which has been developed with a great technical knowledge and understanding for the CNC-industry, GROSSHAUS actively takes the opportunity towards the digital change. The intelligent filter functions of the platform provide business opportunities quickly and simple, whereby valued chains getting more efficient. Through more flexibility while having lower costs, the real world is more and more merging together with the virtual world.

Jörg Antonik, Technical Purchasing,
Egon Grosshaus Gmbh & Co. KG, Lennestadt, Germany