27. February 2018

Ahoj Slovensko – continues expanding our languages

With Slovakian, is now speaking it’s 23rd language. In the past few years, the Slovakian Republic has developed into one of the leading “Automotive Production Centers”.  Producing more than one million vehicles per year, with an average of roughly 190 new cars per 1,000 people, and companies like Volkswagen, Peugeot, Citroën PSA, Kia Motors, and soon to be Jaguar / Land Rover, see the importance of the country. With the automotive industry using this opportunity to efficiency adapt to technological changes, there is an established digital network of flexible supply chains for parts, components and system suppliers.

Not only the automotive industry is benefiting from the value process of the Largest Global CNC Platform,’s cross-sector CNC Manufacturer and Technical Buyers are quickly and simply connecting as well.

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Welcome to the new digital CNC world.