13. March 2018

Customer story: SBS Metalltechnik GmbH, Germany helps a Saxon metal processor increase revenue.

In business for over 125 years, the SBS Metalltechnik GmbH in Germany’s Dresden region, has built a reputation for quality and precision.  While working with demanding machine, metal and steel construction within the vacuum technology, railway engineering, machine tool manufacturing, roller mill technology, stage technology and steel construction industries, SBS develops the right solution to many of the various industry’s most complex problems.

Metalltechnik is among the top 20 German companies with the latest CNC technology, making it not just a market leader, but a manufacturing example that many companies try to imitate. Their most recent investment was in a CNC machining center with capabilities in milling and drilling, complete with a rotary table for precise and automated processing of massive work-pieces up to 16-meters in length.

With the use of the free platform for help with process integration of both sales and purchasing, SBS has been able to focus on highlighting customer satisfaction as well as increase job potential within the bulk manufacturing market, which until now, had not actively been utilized. “The intelligent filter functions and  purpose-orientated searching of opportunities for specific partners and jobs, make the platform a powerful purchasing tool”, explains Ramon Thielecke, responsible for the production planning and work preparation for SBS. “With SBS Metalltechnik acting in both roles on, as CNC manufacturer as well as buyer, we really see the full potential of the platform!”

With, The Internet of the CNC Industry, SBS Metalltechnik is actively growing their business through the use of Industry 4.0, and changing the landscape of their operations.

“With the user experience (UX) being simple and easily to integrate with regards to operational information and processes, has proven to be the most efficient and smartest solution out there. It even helps bridge the generational gaps within the company through its ease of use.”

Ramon Thielecke, Production Planning/Work Preparation
SBS Metalltechnik GmbH, Dresden, Germany