27. March 2018 now speaks Korean

The Eye of the Tiger – introduces Korean to the platform.

As part of the Tiger States, the Korean Republic (South Korea) has developed as an important global economic region, because of its geographical location on a peninsula between the economic powers of China and Japan. With the addition of Korean, now on speaks an additional Asian language. South Korea is known as the Asian export king, established due to becoming a leader in ship-building, machine and plant engineering, as well as electronics and car production. Among the best-known corporate brands from the country are: Samsung, LG, Hyundai, Kia and Doosan. With such impressive brands coming from South Korea, it is no wonder that their exports to both China and the USA are increasing.

The Korea being so technology savvy, they currently have one of the highest internet penetration rates (92%), providing and already established infrastructure to the world of digitalization and implementation in the operational business processes. With this export orientated country now has language barrier free access to the Internet of the CNC industry, thus providing additional opportunities for global business contacts. Both CNC manufacturing companies, as well as technical buyers benefit from the vast technological changes of today.  With free access and usage of now in KOREAN, the market is sure to continue to flourish.

Welcome to the new digital CNC world.