17. April 2018

おかえり – We have arrived in the Land of the Rising Sun

With the addition of Japanese, is now available in 25 languages.

Japan is a beautiful country with roughly 130 million people and a highly industrialized economy. Being part of the world's seven (G7) largest industrial nations, Japan has maintained a focus on work discipline, a mastery of cutting-edge technology through state-funded education, and a focused approach on adapting a technological change geared towards digitization.

With the addition of our 25th language, Japanese, is now locally available in the "Land of the Rising Sun". With Japan's highly automated manufacturing industry, focused heavily on export, the integration of the "Internet of the CNC industry" into the processes offers a multitude of opportunities for adding global business contacts, increasing growth potential and building upon flexibility and productivity.

Thanks to the intelligent filter functions on, CNC manufacturers, buyers and their related industries are networked easily and quickly for free.

 Welcome to the new, digital CNC world.