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22. August 2018

ORDERFOX.com and Celeritive – increasing profitability through efficiency

ORDERFOX.com is proud to announce another new strategic partner. As with the recently announced cooperation with Autodesk®, Celeritive Technologies, Inc., the developer of VoluMill™ and VoluTurn™ is partnering with ORDERFOX.com to bring even greater benefits to industry related companies. With ORDERFOX.com leading the charge in optimizing operational capacity, finding the right production partners and the development of new market opportunities; and Celeritive Technologies focused on leveraging years of industry know-how, paralleled with software that “just works”, the concept that two efficiency-minded companies come together to provide even greater lasting benefits, shows that the focus is on growth of the industrial sector, and their related partners.

The future of efficiency
The key factor in the partnership between ORDERFOX.com and Celeritive Technologies focuses on the future of the industry sector, while providing a pathway that establishes a stronger foundation for growth; from the local job shops to the larger national and multi-national companies, having better access to sourcing partners, research and the right tools, provides the potential for increased opportunities and revenue.

“At ORDERFOX.com we look at operational efficiencies not just from a capacity standpoint, but also in regards to how members can benefit from focused research, industry knowledge and cost saving measures, through the use of proper solutions.”, states Brian J. Smith, President of ORDERFOX.com America. “As we analysed the status of the industry, and where we think it will lead in the future, regardless of physical locations, we feel that having the right partners in place will provide added benefits; and utilizing the right tools like what Celeritive offers, will ultimately and effectively provide our community members a competitive advantage.”

“With more than a decade of success in helping manufacturers identify profit and revenue opportunities, Celeritive’s decision to partner with ORDERFOX.com was simple” said Greg Saisselin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Celeritive Technologies. “It’s easy to understand the value and benefits for our larger customers who are actively seeking job shop services, or for job shops looking to gain exposure into a much broader global market.”

New Solution, Increased Success
With this new partnership comes a new solution for success, the launch of VoluMill NEXION Essentials™ – Celeritive’s platform independent toolpath generation software for rough milling that works with any CAD or CAM system. Combined with the ORDERFOX.com platform, manufacturers can leverage VoluMill™ to increase capacity, reduce costs, and find new revenue opportunities via the free ORDERFOX.com network.

VoluMill is the fastest, most cost-effective method of bulk-material removal for all non-finishing milling operations. Whether milling from the inside-out, outside-in, top-to-bottom, or bottom-to-top, whether roughing a part completely in a single operation, or strategically machining specific features, VolumMillis the best tool for the job. It is perfect for the airframe, automotive, mould & die, medical, machinery component, and the consumer-products markets, for all roughing needs on free-form or prismatic parts; i.e. complete hog-outs, cores, cavities, multiple or individual pockets, steps, channels, slots, notches, etc.

VoluMill's constant material removal rates enable machine tools and cutting tools to operate under ideal milling conditions throughout, regardless of a part’s shape or complexity. Rough milling performance is significantly increased in all materials, from aluminium, to titanium, to exotics. Generating science-based toolpaths with VoluMill™ is fast and simple. There are minimal mouse clicks required, and very few decisions to make, yet you remain in full control. Whether you want to rough an entire part with a single toolpath, or you need to follow a precise material removal plan, VoluMill™ works with you to get your job done quickly and reliably.

New ORDERFOX.com Member Benefits
Providing growth opportunity is important to both companies. As a benefit of the newly announced strategic partnership between ORDERFOX.com and Celeritive Technologies, for a limited time, new community members that sign up for free, and fill out their profile, will receive a one-year no-cost license of VoluMill NEXION Essentials™ direct from Celeritive Technologies. To take advantage of this limited partnership offer visit: www.volumill.com/orderfox and enter promo code: VOLUMILL01. Only new registrants who sign up through the Celeritive Technologies link will quality for this limited time offer.

About Celeritive Technologies, Inc.
Celeritive Technologies, Inc., the developer of VoluMill™ and VoluTurn™, is the world’s leading innovator of platform independent, science-based toolpaths for the manufacturing industry.  Celeritive develops and markets economical and simple-to-implement toolpath technology that enables CNC machine tools and cutting tools to operate at peak performance.  Through dramatically reduced cycle times and cutting tool costs, manufacturers become more profitable, flexible and competitive, and maximize the return on their capital investments.  Located in Moorpark, California, Celeritive Technologies was founded by industry-leading experts in machining, programming and software development.

Further Information: www.volumill.com.

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