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12. Iunie 2018

The Internet of the CNC industry – now also for the CNC Woodworking Industry

ORDERFOX.com is the world's largest platform for the CNC Industry, and is now extending into a new industry – CNC Woodworking. Manufacturers and Buyers can take advantage of completely new market opportunities on ORDERFOX.com – and completely for Free! Manufacturers can search for CNC jobs, both locally and globally, while buyers can place orders and expand their partner and supplier networks. With features like a Global Trade Show & Event Calendar, a Knowledge & Trends section, as well as the recently integrated Autodesk Forge Viewer into the platform, members have an even greater added value. Moving through 2018 ORDERFOX.com will expand its functionality to add a completely free CNC Machinery Exchange for new and used machines, a Careers Centre for employment postings, and an Innovative Communications Tool.

With the focus and adoption of Industry 4.0, the development of the ORDERFOX.com platform has created pathways for its members to take advantage of new opportunities and partners, the ability to network globally and stream-line work flow efficiency. All of these attributes are not only prerequisites for success, but operational and strategic goals for companies that want to maintain their position or create a competitive advantage to secure their future.

ORDERFOX.com connects CNC manufacturers, buyers and their supplier industries globally for free, with the click of a mouse, while providing access to information quickly and organized for efficiency.  When searching for a suitable business partner as a buyer, seller or supplier, looking to expand new customer potential, interested in research and the review of important market information, or using the platform as a source for making strategic business decisions based on global market trends, ORDERFOX.com – “The Internet of the Industry” is the only completely free solution.

On the road to success: ORDERFOX.com now also for the CNC Woodworking Industry
ORDERFOX.com went live in June 2017 and has been blazing a pathway to success ever since. As we continue to grow, ORDERFOX.com continues to expand its offerings and now includes the CNC Woodworking Industry. CNC Woodworking companies around the world can now benefit from the multitude of global opportunities and functionality not available to them prior. Increase new customer potential by the millions with the access of Individuals within the woodworking sector – a greater opportunity for more customers leads to an increase in revenue potential, and all free of charge.

Customized Order Search and Interactive Company Profiles
The intelligent filter functions available on ORDERDFOX.com make searching, filtering, finding and placing orders for all community members easy and efficient. The filter function categories include technology, materials, certification, industry, location, language, etc., and with the addition of a completed profile, companies can present themselves globally in what can be seen as an informational resource site, free of charge. With a profile on ORDERFOX.com, companies become community members in the largest global CNC database, and can benefit from many new business opportunities and available features via the ORDERFOX.com network. With the company search feature, users have direct access to new potential business partners, with new company additions displayed on a daily basis. As an ORDERFOX.com community member, if you do not want to be contacted, you may remain anonymous and can hide you contact information via the Privacy Mode. In addition, members receive clear reports and e-mail notifications informing user about all business activities.

Best Practice Solution for CNC Manufacturers
A key focus of all CNC manufacturers is on optimal machine utilization. If the workload is low and a company has capacity, a CNC manufacturer can quickly and easily search for new CNC jobs that perfectly match their company profile. If a manufacturer is at capacity or a machine is down, they can quickly find a suitable partner on ORDERFOX.com to outsource the work to confidentially. With a compete and informative company profile, CNC manufacturers will only receive orders that really fit within their company capabilities, and with the numerous filter functions, the search is more efficient than ever before. Additional features like setting the geographic range of a job search, from a global search down to the mile, makes job search results more easily manageable – and alternate information is also available at the click of a mouse, for example – whether a job has been awarded, is still available or has been postponed to a later date. Regardless of how a community member searches and what number of results are available, the manufacturer always has the ability to contact the purchaser directly, and they can then go through their normal partner vetting processes directly, without outside interference, and as always, ORDERFOX.com keeps all community members informed on a regular basis regarding all business activity.

Buyers can Optimize their Processes and Find New Suppliers Globally
For buyers, ORDERFOX.com provides a range of contacts to meet any requirement – from mass producers to highly specialized manufacturing firms with niche expertise. The efficient and easy to use interface makes job placement very easy, with  numerous filter functions available as drop-down menus such as; material, industry, technology location, etc. In addition, Exclusive Partners and a Company Blacklists can be created for those whom users want to continue to work with, or those companies that members choose not to have communication with or allow them to have access to their information. On ORDERFOX.com, the process is very simple, efficient and precise. Whether you need to complete an order in the shortest possible time, or you are looking for resources for a long-term cooperation, ORDERFOX.com will always find the right partner.

Platform Extension Provides Individual Benefits
With the platform extension into the CNC Woodworking Industry, individuals now have the opportunity to place orders directly on ORDERFOX.com and can have their individual customized furniture piece or shaped-wood parts estimated, procured and produced by a professional manufacturer on both local and global scales.

Company Profile Provides Global Networking
A complete company profile on ORDERFOX.com provides members with an increased level of advantages and access both locally and globally through the world's largest CNC database. With a complete profile, the market is more aware of the members existence, and can provide access to more potential new business opportunities within the ORDERFOX.com network.

Company profiles can be created very easily on ORDERFOX.com. The fully customizable input fields and preconfigured multiple-choice fields greatly simplify the development and creation of a company profile. Companies can present their fleet of machines, references, certifications, an overview about their company and  capabilities with additional tools such as; photos, videos, company brochures, white papers, success stories, etc., all though an easy to use drag & drop function, with changes easily able to be made quickly and easily at any time.

If a member company is looking for new business partners either locally or globally, they can do so by using the company search function. With efficient and intelligent filter functions for searching by geography, technologies, materials, industries, certifications, number of employees, etc., or if they do not wish to be contacted or want to remain anonymous, they can set the Privacy Mode setting within the company profile, and their contact information will be hidden.

ORDERFOX.com is Free to Use
The use of ORDERFOX.com, with all of its features and services is free for all members – Buyers, CNC Manufacturers and Individuals. ORDERFOX.com can offer the platform free to community members because of Strategic Partnerships and specially developed Premium Partner Programs, for which it generates revenue. With the advancement of Industry 4.0 and Procurement 4.0, platforms like ORDERFOX.com have to adapt efficiently to meet the ever-demanding market changes.  With the industry changes and market fluctuations, ORDERFOX.com is focused on remaining a leader and a trendsetter and is continuously expanding to adapt to those changes and demands with the integration of new features, offerings and partnerships that are specific to future advancement.

The ORDERFOX.com Trade Show & Event Calendar is unique within the CNC industry. Community members have the ability to include in-house company events and open houses viewable globally in the platform and promote their events for free.  In addition, for ease of use and to make this section more highly trafficked, members will soon be able to expand their visibility and access with the inclusion of new Travel Management Functionality.

For the ORDERFOX.com Knowledge & Trends section, content partnerships have been developed, and are growing every week with international trade press, associations and universities to provide the most important industry news, research, specialist articles, white papers, etc., that would be of interest to our community members.

The integration of the Autodesk Forge Viewer into the ORDERFOX.com platform brings great advantages to the community members. Anyone who uploads 2D or 3D design data in the “Place Order” area in the future can now have it converted into a 2D or 3D model using the Autodesk Forge Viewer. This view model is then visible for each order on ORDERFOX.com.

The “Internet of the CNC Industry” is constantly being expanded to benefit the wants and needs of community members. A CNC Machinery Exchange for new and used machines, a Careers Centre and an Innovative Communication Tool are currently being developed and will be available soon. In addition, numerous material options and industries are currently being planned for the next wave of expansion. ORDERFOX.com is changing the way companies and Individuals work on a daily basis to make them more efficient, and providing them benefits that were not attainable prior, so that industries can continue to thrive and grow through the access to information and resources.

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