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26. Septembrie 2017

ORDERFOX.com – the digital highlight of EMO 2017

Tremendous rush at ORDERFOX.com – “the Internet of the CNC industry”. The international press and hundreds of companies from Europe, Asia and America queued up at the ultra-modern counters of the futuristic ORDERFOX.com. This is no surprise, for with the digitisation of the sector ORDERFOX.com provides the starting point for everyone in the market to digitally sweep through into the future. ORDERFOX.com is the only global platform for the CNC market. It connects CNC manufacturers, CNC buyers and their suppliers all around the world.

“Welcome to the new, digital CNC world” was the message at the most attractive stand at the EMO, the largest global trade fair for the world of metalworking. The striking ORDERFOX.com key visual presentation was a magnet for almost 1,500 companies from 63 countries, which want to be that decisive step ahead of their competitors in future.

ORDERFOX.com covers the entire world, with over 1,000 registrations in 6 days
The digitisation of the CNC sector will completely revolutionise global competition. Some predictions go as far as saying that market processes will have to be fully reconsidered. The digital connection of actors in the market by ORDERFOX.com has thus touched what is currently the sector’s main nerve. Digitisation is and currently remains priority number one. Nobody wants to miss, or indeed can miss the digital train heading into the future and there are many who would like a reliable, predictable and convenient journey, as only ORDERFOX.com can offer. This means time-saving, user-friendly and innovative features on a platform which provides security and orientation in a dynamic market environment, right through to important information services for properly targeted investment decisions. And all of that free of charge!

Enthusiastic EMO visitors registering every minute
The success of ORDERFOX.com, the revolutionary and only global CNC platform is underlined by the tremendous rush at the most modern stand at the EMO and by the latest membership numbers from the world’s largest CNC database. By EMO 2017 ORDERFOX.com had more than 240,000 participants in its community from Europe, Asia and America. During the 6 days of the trade fair 1,489 companies collected information directly at the ORDERFOX.com stand about the fantastic possibilities offered by their partner platform between CNC manufacturers, CNC buyers and their suppliers. Over 1,000 companies made use of the opportunity to register online as users directly at the stylish ORDERFOX.com counters.


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