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Our concept is simple: Your success is our success. That’s why we consult closely on both the buyer and the supplier side. Our personal and solution oriented approach is key to mediating new business ventures on a daily basis.

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Thanks to Orderfox we have been able to increase our revenue and establish many successful customer relationships for manufacturing.

The excellet service paired with competend employees is one of a kind. 

Orderfox is the prime example for digitizing and globalizing the CNC market.

Online acquisitions through Orderfox works perfect for us. We get our orders done with a small effort that fits our companies’ needs ideally.

Rebecca Froelich, Froelich AG, Switzerland

We highly appreciate Orderfox as a valuable partner for their efficient and time sensitive project management.

Ueli Scherrer, MSc. FHO Engineering / Maschinenbau, Institut für Entwicklung Mechatronischer Systeme EMS, Switzerland

Total RFQ Value / Month in MM €

Facts and figures

  • >20 RFQs uploaded daily
  • Average RFQ value >64’000 €
  • Every week we acquire new buyer accounts
  • More than 200 successful assignments per month


Your digital Sales Force

Currently we are managing the accounts of hundreds of trusted buyers – and the numbers are rising. Many buyers exclusively entrust Orderfox with the sourcing of new partners.

We deliberately limit the number of co-bidders per RFQ by actively and efficiently processing inquiries. On average we deliver two quotes per quotation, maximum is five. This reduces competition, which dramatically increases your chances of receiving an order and winning a new partner.

  • Personal support and consultation
  • Helpful feedback guaranteed for every offer
  • Our sales team guarantees new RFQs every day
  • Exclusive tenders for Europe, UK, France, Italy and more

Number of RFQs / Month

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Our subscription is available in three different versions


4,450€per year
  • 3% Service fee
  • Unlimited quoting
  • 3 Users
  • Account Management
  • Instant RFQ notifications
  • Members only RFQs
  • Exclusive projects
  • Complete market price insights


starts at17,400€per year
  • 3% Service fee
  • Unlimited quoting
  • 5 Users
  • Key Account Management
  • Instant notifications
  • Members only RFQs
  • Targeted buyer search
  • Exclusive projects
  • Complete market price insights
  • Direct tenders (fast lane)
  • Multi-year contracts and high value RFQs
  • Premium partner listing


Let’s talk
  • Enterprise plan’s features included
  • Personalized service fee
  • Up to 15 Users
  • Onsite training
  • Full onboarding support
  • Golden Label “Certified by Orderfox”
  • Exclusive presentation
  • Marketing: newsletters, blogs, video
  • Consulting and engineering RFQs
  • Direct contact exchange
  • Support access to pre material markets
  • Tailored support
  • API and ERP integration
  • Direct B2B Sales for your company (active)
  • Data driven advisory
  • Helpful contacts via network access

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