The groundbreaking CNC manufacturer search based on parts

Our revolutionary AI Partfox™ understands your technical drawings and instantly finds suppliers with perfectly matching machinery, know-how and competencies.

Simple. Fast. Smart.

This is how Partfox™ revolutionizes your purchasing
Unique and efficient

Upload files - Based on your STEP and PDF files, our revolutionary AI Partfox™ immediately finds perfectly matching manufacturers worldwide - based on technical competence, know-how and experience.

Perfect result in real time

Select manufacturer - Filter based on geography, certification and other factors that matter to you. Simply click to select the manufacturers you would like to receive an offer from and directly send your requests.

Time and money saving

Compare and order - You will receive a clear summary of all relevant offers and any factors necessary to place your order securely.

More manufacturers than Google

Our manufacturer network is huge

Our global pool includes millions of manufacturers with detailed machine data and defined manufacturing capabilities. Capacity for your production. Immediately, precisely and worldwide.

Perfect results thanks to AI

Partfox™ analyzes and understands your part. It compares it with previous, similar products and perfectly matches it with machinery from our manufacturers, based on competence, know-how and experience.

Auditing and customer evaluation

Thanks to audits and reviews by other buyers, Partfox™ can perfectly rank the price, punctuality, quality and communication of our manufacturers and select them according to your needs.

Time is Money

Unlike with our competitors, you don’t need to fill in the template yourself. Partfox™ does everything for you - required manufacturing techniques, tolerances, materials, dimensions - based solely on your plans. Our algorithms are your technical staff.

How Partfox™ reads your parts

Based on STEP files, it can...

• recognise required technologies
• assign dimensions and volumes
• identify the appropriate machines

Using PDF files, it can...

• recognise the materials
• identify tolerances
• assign surfaces

Who we are

Orderfox is the first digital platform for buyers and manufacturers in the CNC industry that uses AI and automation to bring you access to a global market of manufacturers based on machine capabilities alongside everything else. As a  Zurich-based tech company we combines Swiss precision, technological expertise, and innovative tools to bring you a revolutionary procurement product unlike any you’ve seen before.

Our extensive network combined with the unique AI Partfox™ puts us at the forefront of digital procurement platforms worldwide. Unlike other manufacturer directories and Spiders, Orderfox uses unique data and AI to map the capabilities of suppliers based on machinery and part history. This allows us to find you, not just the best manufacturers based on simple filtering such as certification and geography (Which we also can do), but on the thing that really matters - the parts expertise and capabilities of the machine park.

This alongside industry experts’ knowledge means you get a level of expertise and intelligence never before seen in the CNC and metal Industry. Our focus is on factors such as technical expertise, know-how, and experience, rather than on corporate titles. Meaning you can focus on  finding the right production partners in real time, request quotes with the click of a mouse, and place a secure order with ease.

Managed by Orderfox (MBO)

If you wish, we can offer you even more support. Our MBO service is at your disposal for further expertise. Depending on your request and according to your exact production requirements, our sourcing experts factor in even more detail and ensure the desired quality using a thorough RFI process.

Learn more about our MBO service
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