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Our revolutionary AI finds the perfect
matching CNC manufacturer for your parts

Drop your 3D model and let’s go!
See DFM feedback, instant pricing, or capabilities of best manufacturing matches.
STEP & PDF (max 50mb); All queries are secure and confidential.

Our PartfoxTM AI analyses your CNC-part and provides you with tangible results: we show you the best matching manufacturers that have the exact competences, experience and capacity - in real time and across the world! Lead by technology, simply clever!


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Successful companies rely on our advanced Artificial Intelligence for the purchasing of their parts

Bosch, Brückner Group, ELIN MOTOREN, EMAG Automation GmbH, ENGEL, ETH Zürich, GEMÜ, HARTING AG, HARTING Applied Technologies GmbH, Hilti AG, Kaeser Kompressoren, MAN, MAN Energy Solutions SE, ProMinent GmbH, RAMPF, Voestalpine, Voith, Wacker Neuson Group, maxon motor, uvm.

Save time and tedious work in your procurement

PartfoxTM algorithm captures metadata from each manufacturer and seamlessly connects them to the world’s largest database of machines and parts. The results are informed answers and perfect solutions for the manufacturing industry. Save yourself from expensive intermediaries, simply use the world’s largest professional CNC platform.

Find your supplier now

Automatic and instant data processing through Artificial Intelligence

Simply clever! Drop your part designs in STEP/PDF format and let PartfoxTM do the rest. We have been training our algorithm with billions of observations, so it instantly matches the specific requirement of your workpiece with the manufacturing capabilities of tens of thousands of manufacturers worldwide. In real time, for free.

See for yourself!

PartfoxTM AI for manufacturers: the smart solution for new orders

Join the world’s largest professional manufacturing network in just a few clicks, and gain free access to hundreds of potential orders. Our trained algorithm understands your competencies so it only presents you with valuable customers that are exactly looking for what you have to offer. PartfoxTM suggests daily new orders tailored to your machine park and technical competencies.

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